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? Bunny TaleBunny Tale is a new remake of a popular logic game...

? Bunny TaleBunny Tale is a new remake of a popular logic game ;Sokoban;. Original innovations and high quality animated graphics will guarantee you and your children many hours of brain-bursting fun.

? Total SokobanTotal Sokoban is the most complete Sokoban clone, including almost all the levels ever made - 8307 until now, level editor, game customizations and more.

? PacmanCollect all the crystals, take the key and go to the exit. Sounds easy, not? No, it is a fun, but difficult game. Every time Pacman runs over a box the maze changes!

! There are enemies too and you have to finish the level within a specified time. Not easy at all, but it's funny and addictive. ? Atomix 2This is one of my best game ever, as it has very nice graphics, it features an assistant that helps you during the game, and other interesting stuff.

While the first few levels are easier, the levels gets more and more difficult and you have to exercise your brain to build each puzzle. ? JimmyEver wanted to play a game where the rules are simple and the puzzles are tricky?

Then Jimmy is for you. There are over 30 puzzles available for Jimmy sokoban. ? AtomixThe purpose of the game is to make up the molecule displayed in the solution screen from the pieces scattered throughout the level.

You can only move them up, down, left and right and the don't stop moving until they hit something ! ? CP : Happy EasterThis Easter version includes the Easter Rabbit replacing Pacman, eggs replacing the dots, different wals, tunes and other Easter objects.

? Classic PacmanClassic Pacman is a game I`ve created that is a game similar (but not the same) as the classic arcade game ;Pacman; for the Spectrum, but with my own added touches.

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SuperSoft Games Compilation


SuperSoft Games Compilation 1.1

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